Varun Dhawan Protects Samantha from Paparazzi. Click to know details

Last night Varun Dhawan and Samantha were pictured in the city. The two join Raj and DK's next series, the citadel.

Last night Varun Dhawan and Samantha were pictured in the city. The two join Raj and DK’s next series, the citadel. Sam and Varun were filming together in Andheri. And the paparazzi caught them. Varun, like Samantha, is very popular with the paparazzi. Both have huge fans across the country.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Varun Dhawan left the meeting place surrounded by paparazzi. Varun asked the paparazzi not to scare Samantha. he protected Samantha from them and other people as well.

Also carefully placed Samantha in the car and won Samantha’s heart with his sweet behavior. Fans like “So nice”, “Best person in town”, “I love the way he hugs him to protect him but doesn’t touch her… He’s so cute.”

Varun Dhawan Protects Samantha Ruth Prabhu


Varun Dhawan’s attitude towards Samantha Ruth Prabhu proves that he is a gentleman. Varun’s behavior sets an example for all the men that how should they treat women. Varun has gained more respect from Samantha and also from his fans. This type of behavior shows that he respects the other actors also.

His fans have started showering more love on him than before. Girls are simply over him after this incident. Such a time of behavior would be very helpful for him in the future. Fans are going crazy in the comment section.

The way he handled the paparazzi and told them to not make Samantha uncomfortable are the true characteristics of a man with a good heart. This incident worked like a cherry on top of his image among fans and other actors.

Many men would have learned from Varun and this incident. Varun is a good example of the phrase beauty with brain. Every girl wants a guy like him in her life who is handsome, respects everyone, and is successful.


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