Anupama Aneri Vajani aka Mukku disclosed why she is missing from Rupali Gnaguly’s show

Anupama Aneri Vajani who plays the role of Mukku revealed real reason why she is not in the show

Anupama Aneri Vajani

Anupama which is the most trending drama in the last episodes, Aneri Vajani is not be seen on the show. The serial Anupama is a favorite television drama that has been in recent times playing on the screen. Highlights that have been disclosed by Rupali Ganguly the main character in the show. Told that Ranjan Shahi made the position on the screen and connected through the audience’s heart.

The show starts with Aneri Vajani, Gaurav Khanna, Sudhanshu Pandey, and many others. In the last few episodes, Aneri who portrays the role of Mukku is not visible on the show. The plot of the show is regarding Anuj Kapadia and Anu’s story of love. In the present time, Mukku is not seen on the grounds of serial. Now, it has been exposed that the sideline star Mukku is being unviable from the drama.

Anupama: Aneri Vajani aka Mukku

In an E times interview, Aneri mentioned that she only wanted to play a cameo in the serial and that was the only reason she signed for the sets for Anupama. She disclosed that people do not remember that it is the show of Anupama, the character of Anupama can be always at the side. The role was always appearing so he was happy that whatever has been allotted to her.

Anupama Mukku

As per the reels, it was shown that Mukku will fall for Vanraj in the drama. Aneri did not have protests regarding any state. She also begins as a cameo and in return, she received a good return and response. As time will pass by the audience will be unable to gulp the note about Malvika. Sudhanshu will feel for Malvika and he will be in love with her.

The plot of the drama was based on Vanraj wand Mukku will make a couple with all ups and downs. Their character of hers was on a mood basis the actions which she does was impulsive. The viewers started liking her, hence she has not left to complai

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