Aamir Khan Decides To Quit Of Doing The Hindi Films

One of the famous actor Aamir Khan has announcement about that he decided to quit the Hindi film industry before pandemic in the last two

One of the famous actor Aamir Khan has announcement about that he decided to quit the Hindi film industry before pandemic in the last two years he was telling to quit. Aamir Khan thought that the people can call him as marketing scheme after his upcoming movie Laal Singh Chaddha release and till now he didn’t announce the decision.

Kiran Rao who is the ex-wife of Aamir Khan explained him that it was a wrong decision and it needs to be changed. Actor Aamir recalled the incident that Kiran cried after he informed the decision that he taken to her.

Superstar said that in the last two years there was a brief period that he decided to quit the films as it is affecting his personal life in many ways. The 57 old actor Aamir Khan made declarations about the quit at an event.

Actor shared that he was selfish while doing the films and he focus all his stamina for not spending enough time to his children and family. He realized that to quit the films to be free and many people thought that he was doing a marketing scheme.

Thus he decided to spent more time with his children and to give up for the films. His spectacular acting is known very well in the India and he acted in the movies like PK, 3 Idiots , Ghajini which make more popular with those films.

Aamir Khan Decides To Quit Of Doing The Hindi Films

Though no one think that he will exit the film career . His wife Kiran was not agreed for his exit in the films and she wanted to change the decision that he made.

Earlier, actor Aamir and Kiran had made announcement about the separation and left the fans shocked with the news in 2021. Almost after 15 years of relationship , they got divorced and made the entire nation depressed with the news.

Later on, Aamir said that he was not giving time to his children for spending family time because he was very busy with the films . He said that people will think me as marketing businessman and he didn’t like those names . After his decision made he had started working Ira Khan who was the daughter of Aamir Khan.

His children also told him to change his decision that he taken and asked him to find some work life balance. His children said that her father spent three months time and that time is more than that he spent over 30 years and they were tired.

At an event called New Beginnings: Reorienting Entertainment the Aamir khan was appeared and ready to make some announcements. The actor spoke about his ex-wife Kiran who is the equity of him and he said about the children spending time with him.

The actor decided not to make any talks of the movie Laal Singh Chadhha and some people may perceive it like he was doing the movie for gaining marketing strategy and he wants to stay away with those news spreading.

Coming to working, he have been working as an assistant director with his uncle at the age of 18. Aamir told about his professional life too in an interview . He was in dilemma about his upcoming movie Laal Singh Chaddha that movie was turned out or not.  He said that one day he feel like we made a good film, and the next day, he fell like dropped a ball. After several delays due to pandemic, the film Laal Singh Chaddha will hit the screens on August 11 this year.


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