Urfi Javed Spotted Fighting with Guards

Urfi Javed was spotted angry and fighting with the Guards, and in no time the video of Urfi Javed got Viral.

Urfi Javed

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As we all know Urfi Javed is known for her dressing sense and the dresses she wore to get the fans amazed by her looks. However she shared a video today and in that video, it was seen, “she was a bit disturbed by her dress, and on the other hand, you can see her fighting with the guards. yes, you read it right she was fighting with the guards.

For now, we all can say is it was a bad day for Urfi Javed.

As we already know Urfi Javed is always seen in the limelight for her dress and dressing sense. However this time her dress got her into trouble. Urfi is always spotted on the streets in her different when she has the encounter with paparazzi.

In the video, all you can see is When Urfi Javed steps out of her cab in the brown cut dress/ short dress, she was in a bit of trouble with her dress.

Urfi Javed Angry with Organizers

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As Urfi is known for cute Paparazzi moments however this time that paparazzi moment got her into trouble, as after stepping out of her cab when she started to pose for some pictures, a guard from there asked her if she had permission for the shooting and all. After listening to this Urfi got angry and took that guard’s class.

After the incident this video of Urfi Javed got viral, and fans might be disappointed as they have always seen Urfi in a good and light mood, but this time she was a bit angry.

This is not the only Incident that has taken place with Urif there are alot more.

Recently Urfi Javed was trolled for her outfits. Urfi has recently shared a picture of herself in a black bikini and after seeing those pictures netizens were stunned by her new outfit and looks.

Some of the Fans of Urfi Javed liked the post and showered love on the post and some of the so-called fans started trolling in the comments sections.

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