Shark Tank India: Why Aman Gupta wore the Same T-shirt in season 1?

The founder of BoAt and the former shark at Shark Tank India, Aman Gupta, has revealed why he wore the same clothes for years on his LinkedIn account.

Aman Gupta

Hindustan Times

Wouldn’t it be wrong to say Aman Gupta was the coolest shark on Shark Tank India Season 1? The founder of BoAt, Aman Gupta, became a meme sensation because of his Bollywood references and witty one-liners.

If you have followed the reality show from the beginning, you must have seen Aman Gupta and the other sharks wearing the same clothes on several episodes. Aman Gupta has himself has spilled the beans about the same.

Recently on his LinkedIn account, Aman wrote that he has followed Steve Jobs’ strategy. He wore the same t-shirt to save some time. The idea of repeating clothes wasn’t just for gaining some time but also for his brand promotion.

Further, he wrote about his journey as an entrepreneur. He used to wear the same t-shirt with his company’s logo because he had no money for the marketing and advertisements in the beginning. He even inspired young and budding entrepreneurs to not feel shy in marketing their products via social media platforms, just like he is doing on LinkedIn.

Aside from that, he informed his followers that he would be starting his journey as a LinkedIn influencer.

Aman Gupta Revealed his Biggest Regret?


How would you feel if you were forced to wear the same clothes for a few days? Obviously, you would be irked by the decision. Now you can feel the situation of the sharks who were made to wear the same clothes on the show for weeks.

Aman Gupta revealed his biggest regret in the video of Tanmay Bhatt. He said wearing the same clothes was the biggest regret and biggest thing. The sharks even pleaded in front of the creative director to change their clothes as they got bored wearing the same old ones.

Well, we would suggest that budding entrepreneurs should take notes from Aman Gupta on how to live sustainably. More than a month has passed since Shark Tank India: Season 1 ended. But the netizens are still not over from the Shark Tank fever. We are all eagerly awaiting the second season of Shark Tank India.

Shark Tank India is the Indian adaptation of the American reality tv show Shark Tank for the uninitiated.
The show changed the face of reality tv shows in India. People were now discussing business-related terms in their living rooms, such as equity and profit margin.

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