Rupali Talks About What It’s Like To Film Emotional Scenes

Rupali Ganguly has won many hearts of Anupama viewers with her tremendous acting skills. She talks about her experience while filming sentimental shots of the show.


Rupali Update: Anupamaa is now the most popular television show in the soap opera industry. The show features a captivating and realistic plot that has drawn in a large number of people. Anupamaa is a film about a housewife named Anupama who sacrifices her dreams and objectives to raise her family and assist them with any minor issues that arise.

She is dissatisfied when her efforts go unnoticed, and her family members frequently take her for granted. She decides to live her life on her terms after that.

Rupali Ganguly plays Anupamaa, a role that has earned her millions of fans. Rupali Ganguly is an Indian actress best known for her television appearances.

Rupali Talks About What It’s Like To Film Emotional Scenes

Ganguly, the daughter of film director Anil Ganguly, began acting as a child, appearing in her father’s film Saheeb when she was seven years old. The actress recently went live to communicate with her followers.

She talked about her show experiences throughout the live broadcast. Rupali opened up about her experiences on the show.

She said that filming images, particularly emotional sequences, is emotionally draining but ultimately gratifying.

“I genuinely like them,” she remarked. “The high you get after executing a good scene is unexplainable; I can’t express it in words.” I’m not sure whether I did it justice, but when you read the script and realize it’s going to be a fantastic sequence, it honestly makes me happy.”

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