Anupamaa: Anuj raises his hand on Paritosh!

The upcoming episodes of Anupamaa will make the audiences glued to their screen. For more updates on Anupamaa, read the whole story.



Anupamaa serial has become an integral part of our living rooms. With its release, the show has been ruling the TRP charts and, of course, our hearts. And there is no sign of slowing down.

But before telling you upcoming updates of the show, let us warn you there are spoilers ahead. The fans are eagerly waiting for the wedding of Anu and Anuj, but the hurdles don’t seem to end. So, folks, get ready for some high-end drama in Anupamaa.

Paritosh (Anupamaa’s son) will be seen hanging out with his friends in the next episodes. What happens next is going to heat things up between Anuj and Paritosh. Don’t worry, we will tell you everything in detail.

One of his friends notices Anupama and Anuj standing together and points out to them and says, “Mere do baap hain”.

Anupamaa: Did Anuj Slap Paritosh

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Embarrassed, Paritosh loses his cool and ends up tussling with them. Seeing this, Anuj and Anupamaa try to stop the fight. But things get uglier when Paritosh shouts at Anupamaa, blaming her for the situation and saying this will happen daily. Anuj couldn’t accept the disrespect and raised his hands, but thankfully Anupamaa didn’t let this happen and stopped him.

As the story movies further, fans cannot hide their anticipation; they want to see Anuj and Anupamaa married. But it would be interesting to watch the next twists and turns in the way of their love story.

Fans are chuffed to the bits with the current plot of the serial. As you know, Anuj and Anupamaa are striving hard to convince the Shah family of their marriage. After all of the drama, Anupamaa has decided to marry Anuj and started the wedding preps. Let’s just sit back and see how long we have to wait for their marriage.

For the unversed Anupamaa is the Hindi adaptation of the superhit Bengali tv series “Sreemoyee”. It includes Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna, and Sudhanshu Pandey in pivotal roles.

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