Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2: Ram and Priya to share Adoring moments

Folks, if you love the love-hate relationship of Ram and Priya in Bade Acche Lagte Hain Season 2, then sit tight because there is a lot more

Folks, if you love the love-hate relationship of Ram and Priya in Bade Acche Lagte Hain Season 2, then sit tight because there is a lot more coming in your way. But wait, before disclosing anything, we should tell you that there is a spoiler ahead. 

Be ready to witness some cute moments between the two. Ram will see a rat in the room in the upcoming episodes, afraid of it; he will start shouting and jumping on the bed. Seeing this, Priya will also do the same. The two look adorable, shooing the rat away from the room.

In the tension of shooing the unwelcomed guest, both forget that they are standing close to each other. Also, Priya notices that Ram is holding her tightly in fear. This makes the duo uncomfortable, and they try their best to get rid of the little creature from their room. 

For the unversed, Ram and Priya got married just for the pressure of their families. But now, as the story moves further, both have developed a soft corner for each other. However, the entry of Vedika has bought lots of hurdles in the way of their love story. 

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2: Ram and Priya Moments

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Recently, a scene created a buzz on social media that the fans couldn’t stop giving their chucklesome reactions. The misunderstanding over a packet again causes the funny banter between Ram and Priya. After the Holi celebration, Priya suffers from a headache, so Ajay (Ram’s friend) hands over a packet to her, saying that Ram had ordered from the chemist. Later, Priya founds out there was a condom box inside the package. Unknowingly, Ram increases the suspicion by closing the curtains and asking about the parcel he ordered for her. 

Bade Acche Lagte Hain Season 2 fans eagerly anticipate seeing the love story of the two. Enough of their nok jhoks; now we want to see their love story. 

In the first season of Bade Each Lagte Hain, Ram (Ram Kapoor), and Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) ruled our hearts over their chemistry. Now in the reboot version, Nakuul Mehta and Disha Parmar became the talk of the town with their sizzling chemistry. 

Sit tight because there is more on the way; stay tuned to Tollywoodlife!



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