Lock Upp: Ankita Lokhande Jokes About Pregnancy

Lock Upp was one of the famous ongoing reality shows which were hosted by Kangana Ranaut. Recently, the guest Ankita Lokhande made some

Lock Upp was one of the famous ongoing reality shows which were hosted by Kangana Ranaut. Recently, the guest Ankita Lokhande made some headlines about pregnancy. In the Saturday episode, Ankita said that she was pregnant.

After a while, she said that will happen soon. Ankita Lokhande was the friend of Kangana Ranaut and she acted along with Kangana in Manikarnika film. The actress Ankita made some jokes about her pregnancy and hope it will happen soon.

On Saturday, Ankita was invited as a guest to the Lock Upp show and she graced the whole show for the promotions of her web show called Pavithra Rishta she did some fool news while promoting Pavitra Rishta.

While in the Lock Upp show, the actress Ankita awarded Munawar and Anjali with a hamper and she said about the bond of the couple as Pavitra Rishta. When the show was about to complete, the actress Ankita made a promise to her friend Kangana that pregnancy will happen soon. She said that now it was a joke and it will happen soon.

In the show, Kangana asked Ankita to follow the traditions which are made for the show and made some news that even her husband (Vicky Jain) also doesn’t know about it. Then Ankita said about her pregnancy but it was not true and she played some joke about her pregnancy. She hopes that her pregnancy will happen too soon.

Actress Ankita was tied the knot with her boyfriend Vicky Jain and the couple was being in a relationship for a long time. Since they have not been able to change their house and her husband staying in Ankita’s house.

After the completion of Saturday’s episode, many fans are asked whether the news was true or not about Ankita’s pregnancy. Many fans started asking questions regarding her pregnancy and some asked when will we hear good news.

Lock Upp: Ankita Lokhande pranks Kangana Ranaut

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Ankita visited lock up as promotions for her web show. Ankita said about her that she was like an open book and she had no secrets to reveal in the show. When Kangana asked her to reveal one secret, she said about her pregnancy.

All of us were surprised by the news and the actress nature of revelation. In a while, she said that she was trying to make fools on April 1. After she said that her husband also didn’t know this news. She fooled everyone by revealing the news about pregnancy.

Ankita fooled the contestants by saying this she had to share something that even her husband Vicky also doesn’t know about it. She said I’m pregnant and congratulate both of us. Then contestants stand up to congratulate her and Kangana was also amazed after hearing the news.

After hearing the news said by her friend Ankita, Kangana feels delighted and kissed her hand and hugs her. After a while, Ankita shouts like April Fool Bangaya and she laughed weirdly. After hearing about the prank, Kangana pushes her friend for the silly prank made by Ankita.

After a while, Ankita explained that she had no secrets in his life. Kangana asked Ankita when she will be pregnant in real life and she wants to watch the whole episode for her reaction. While leaving the show, Ankita shows her gratitude for the Lock-up show and her friend Kangana by hugging each other.

While the nominations list of the week in the Lock Upp show was Payal Rohatgi, Azma Fallah, Poonam Pandey, Nisha Rawal, and Ali Merchant are ready to exit from the show.


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