Lock Upp: Sara Khan Said Munawar Faruqui is the Mastermind of the Game

Sara Khan was recently evicted from the Lock Upp and after her eviction, Tele Chakra contacted her and asked her who is the mastermind

Sara Khan was recently evicted from the Lock Upp and after her eviction, Tele Chakra contacted her and asked her who is the mastermind of the show and much more. Ekta Kapoor’s reality show titled “Lock Upp”, where there were 17 contestants.

Will be locked up, will play the game, and will fight for bail to survive, was launched on MX Player and Alt Balaji. Fans have given it a thumbs up. Kangana Ranaut will make her OTT debut with the show as the host where she will guide the contestants.

The whole concept is set up in prison. Sara Khan has been a part of the Lock Upp since its inception, and she has been a favorite of viewers. But then a few days ago he was abruptly removed from the show which disappointed her fans.

After her eviction, the tele-chakra contacted the actress and asked her how she got involved in a show like Ali and who is the mastermind of this game. Your game was going well, but once someone (Ali Merchant) entered the show, he fell. What was the reason?

Lock Upp: What more Sara Khan shared about her past?

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What actually happened was that 12 years passed without our knowledge and our name was added. I was enduring everything. I had to stop because I couldn’t take it anymore. I was not so comfortable saying anything wrong to prove myself right.

He showed everyone what he was. I did not want my name to be associated with it and played in my own way. You talked about the difficulties you faced. How hard was that for you? I wanted to express the things that I spent a year in the company of in a very dignified manner.

I didn’t want to humiliate anyone and say things I later regretted. I was telling the truth and didn’t want to say anything to get the footage. If not you, who do you think should have been removed from the Lock Upp?

I don’t want to name this person, but I’m sure everyone knows indirectly who I’m talking about. Who do you think is the mastermind of the game? Of course, this is Munawar Farooqi. He is an amazing player and he knows how to play the game.

He knows how to deal with situations and no one can understand the game better. Sometimes we forget that there are cameras all around but he remembers everything. That’s just the answer. Well, no doubt Sarah was a good player, but unfortunately, she was ousted.


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