Varun Dhawan Invested in CureFoods, He is aslo the Brand Ambassador of EatFit

Big news arrived today that Varun Dhawan signed an official agreement with the brand ambassador of Eatfit platform.

Big news arrived today that Varun Dhawan signed an official agreement with the brand ambassador of Eatfit platform. Curefoods is a type of cloud kitchen that consists of EatFit, Frozen Bottle, and Indian Kichidi. Today, the company made an official agreement for the Brand Ambassador of the latest company and that was the Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan.

Recently, the actor Varun Dhawan was investing in Curefoods and this coincided with the launching of the eating fit platform. Since Eat Fit was one of the multi-brand D2C food ordering platforms and Curefoods was currently operating on brands like Eat Fit, House Biryani, Masala Box, etc.

This platform was used to provide direct access to the popular brands under CureFoods corporation. Some other functions are also done by this platform.  It teaches the food ordering habits by promoting food subscription options. It is mainly used for healthy food brands that users can buy many times in a month.

The company Curefoods revealed the collaboration with the Bollywood Star Varun Dhawan and they said Varun graced most popular films . The company also said that they will trying for the support of Varun Dhawan and his commitments to fitness levels.

The Curefoods platform is a chain operator of restaurants where only delivery was available. We know that Varun Dhawan has invested in the Curefoods platform and now he became the Brand Ambassador of the latest platform.

The actor was joined in 2022 as it was last funding round in Curefoods and the company Eatfit also made an official agreement that the actor will be acts as Brand Ambassador for the company from now onwards. The actor Varun made some statements about the collaboration of the platforms EatFit and Curefoods for providing food remotely.

He said about the company’s mission that they will provide accessibility for various food category platforms where many healthy options are present. The actor Varun invested some unknown amount in Fast and Up, a nutrition brand in the last year.

What more Varun Dhawan shared about his investment and plans?

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While in January 2022, the company Curefoods raised the share level by USD 62 million from various investors like Iron Pillar, Chiratae Ventures, Sixteenth Street Capital, Accel Partners, and Binny Bansal. The company revealed some news about the future of Curefoods that various types of audiences will try the Curefoods and the actor was promoting healthy eating and online ordering and marketing will also promote in a very well manner.

After making an official agreement for the Brand Ambassador position , Ankit Nagori said that he was passionate about being healthy and fit by taking nutritious food to keep strong health. Ankit said that he always exudes some positive energy which made a huge fanbase for him.

Recently, the Curefoods platform made some announcements about the relations between Frozen Bottle and South India Franchise rights. This platform serves multiple food options for different people in a nutritious manner to keep them healthy and fit.

Varun Dhawan also made some news about the Curefoods and Eatfit that the combination of food and lifestyle was his exciting area. At a particular age of life, we need a healthy lifestyle, especially in food requires more attention and care.

He repeated that the two companies collaboration for providing multiple food categories with healthy options. He said that he liked the company’s mission and objectives for providing these types of schemes.

He said that he also feels same while seeing fitness goals. He was so excited to collaborate with Ankit and his team and becoming brand ambassador for the company. He said that he was waiting for the great campaigns to show the audience.


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