Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundra Oops Moment

Actress Tejasswi Prakash has the main lead role in the serial Nagin 6 of Ekta Kapoor. She is very appealing and had once demonstrated.

Actress Tejasswi Prakash has the main lead role in the serial Nagin 6 of Ekta Kapoor. She is very appealing and had once demonstrated. Her new video in which she buys a new Audi car. And she is not able to break the coconut as per the tradition is now in the hearts of the media.

A day Before yesterday Tejasswi wrote on her social media page that to break a coconut is a pure science when she was snaped with Karan Kundra. Yesterday the actress brought a new Audi Q7 to her home. On purchasing with the star Karan Kundra. As per the tradition, she did puja after purchasing the brand-new car.

As the ritual continued, she also tried to break a coconut but she failed to do so. After purchasing the Audi Q7 she has to take the car to her home from the showroom. And at one instance she had to break the coconut. However, she was not able to do this ritual in one go.

Tejasswi Prakash Failed to break a coconut for worshiping

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Tejasswi failed to break the coconut at once and both Karan and she were left with an epic failure. The cuteness of both Tej Ran was taken over by the fans. The audience showered love on the couple and denoted them as cuties. The video which flashed on social media showed that Karan Kundra is guiding Tejasswi to break the coconut.

And at the last, she was able to do with his help. She worshiped and even called a Pandit to perform further rituals. Tejasswi Prakash not even was the winner of the reality show Big Boss but also got the golden chance to act in Ekta Kapoor’s show Nagin.

Now she has stepped into the precious phase of her life. Tejasswi purchased a new Audi Q7 car, as her serial Ngin is becoming superhit. The cost price of the car is Rs1 crore. The luxury car collection is now owned by many celebrities in the industry. Meanwhile, Tejasswi is included in the row for a luxury car. She is the main lead female role in the serial Nagin 6.


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