Lock Upp: Azma Fallah and Mandana Karimi Fights Again

Lock Upp: Azma Fallah and Mandana Karimi entered the jail together, however now it's too difficult for both of them to live with each other.

Lock Upp

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In the show Lock Upp can be notable that there is a fight among the wild card entry contestants. The wild card entry contestants are Mandana Karimi and Azma Fallah. As Azma disclosed that when she was passing through. She heard to know that Mandana in Hindi abused her.

In aggression, Azma replied your parents haven’t taught you the way they speak. Then she said yes, Mandana has left her parents. On listing to this response Mandana was full of anger and break off Azma’s hairband. Then Mandana gave a warning to Azma that she better control her words.

And if the next time she said anything concerning the parents she will break her face. Azma summons Mandana and dashed for abusing her family. Yesterday when all this took place, she said that the conversation was done in the Persian language. She was even gazing at the camera. Azma did not accept this fact and denied it.

Lock Upp: Azma Fallah teased Mandana Karimi of her limit

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Azma even confessed that many a time Mandana caught hold of her neck and tried to get many a time physical with her. Azma told the fact that Mandana on her talked about the things related to her family. Her ex-husband’s mother used to dance with her at the table.

Azma also pointed out Mandana and felt bad that she uses to talk so ill about her parents. Meanwhile, Mandana Karimi asks Shaisha Shinde to take Azma away from her eyes and abused her. In aggression, Azma said to Mandana that she will break and destroy all her belongings.

And even she will tear off the vest that she had worn. Azma Fallah said that Mandana has lost her motion and that she telling her to break her face. She that Mandana’s parents haven’t been talking to her and her mother had not talked to Mandana for the past six years. The fight amongst both the wild card contestants was captured and flashed on Instagram.

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