Shehnaaz Gill’s Phone Wallpaper Photo Has Gone Viral

Shehnaaz Gill's

A new photo of Shehnaaz Gill posted on Instagram by a follower has piqued the interest of her followers. Her fans are intrigued by the snapshot, which shows the screen of her phone, and they want to know more about it. The late TV actor and Bigg Boss 13 champion Sidharth Shukla is shown in this photograph.

An admirer, who proclaims to be an enthusiastic follower of Sidnaaz, as the pair is known among fans, recently uploaded the photo with a heartfelt remark. Dear Sidharth, you were, are, and always will be her shelter, her compassion, strength, safe haven, and warmth.

The photo depicts Shehnaaz’s smartphone screen, and her fans are attempting to locate the photo in the background. The signal is seen clutching each other’s hands in the photo. This is causing a lot of emotion among their supporters. The wallpaper has been described as “heartbreaking” by one of the admirers. Shehnaaz, according to another, is still living for her beloved.

Shehnaaz Gill’s Phone Wallpaper Photo Has Gone Viral

It’s not the first time a photo like this has gone viral on the internet. Another snapshot of Shehnaaz was just uploaded on Instagram by a Sidnaaz fan page.

Fans noticed Shehnaaz’s mobile phone screen, which showed a similar picture when she was photographed at the airport. Both were seen holding hands in the photo, which is claimed to be from their debut song Bhula Dunga.

Shahnaz debuted in the music industry in 2015 with the video for the song Shiv Di Kitaab. She has also appeared in Punjabi films such as Saath Shri Akaal England, Kala Shah Kala, and Dhaka, all of which were released in 2017.

She appeared on Bigg Boss 13 in September 2019 and met Sidharth for the very first time within the Bigg Boss house. Their chemistry was well admired, and they created a strong friendship. Sidharth was crowned the season’s winner, with Shehnaaz coming in a close second. Sidharth died due to a heart attack last year in September, at the age of 40.

Shehnaaz was last seen in 2 music videos in 2021, both of which starred Shreya Ghoshal and Arko: Fly with Badshah and Habit. In 2021, she also collaborated on Raj Ranjodh’s song Tu Yaheen Hain. It was meant as an homage to Siddharth Shukla.

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