Kangna Ranaut Reacts on being Compared to Hollywood Actress

After the Release of Dhaakad Teaser Kangana Ranaut is compared to Charlize Theron

Kangana Ranaut

The Indian Express

For the upcoming role in the teaser of Dhaakad, the Hollywood actress Charlize Theron had a collation with Kangana Ranaut.

This comparison was done by one of the YouTubers Jaby Koay. As she had a look at the movie teaser of  Dhaakad with full action. With the new look of Kangana Ranaut for the movie Dhaakad that was lately released online. The fans are going crazy about the new gesture of Kangaana Ranaut.

The new pose of Kangana is reflecting is a secret spy. The game is shown that she is suspecting the enemies and beating them into their trap. Kangana has been skilled with martial art skills and techniques of combat.

What more Kangana Ranaut says about the Comparision?


Along with agent Agni, she played the combat with all her martial skills. In the atomic look after the video goes viral Kangana one of the Youtuber, Jaby Koay gave a comparison with the Hollywood actress Charlize Theron.

In one of the videos, Jaby mentioned that he was not satisfied with the thought that Charlize can lift men twice her size. When Jay had a look at Kangana then he accepted the fact that she could handle such kind of action acts because she is full of energy.

Jay expressed that Kangana has a more look in the martial look than Charlize. As Kanga’s presence is more powerpack than the atomic blonde of Charlize. Kangana Ranaut responded to Jaby that she is overexcited to hear that her comparison leads with the Charlize.

Kangana mentioned a Wow statement in her Instagram post. For the movie, Dhaakad Kangana has upskilled with the new seven action acts. The audience would be surprised by the actress Kangana Ranaut’s role in the new power acts.

With her full action look as the attachment would be along with KGF Chapter 2. The featuring of the KGF chapter 2 is by Yash, Raveena Tandon, Sanjay Dutt, and Shrinidhi Shetty. The role of Arjun Rampal is of a villain and his look is at its peak.

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