Heartstopper Season 1 has finally been Released on Netflix

Heartstopper Season 1 is LGBTQ based high school romance is taking over people's hearts!!!

Heartstopper Season 1

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Netflix has finally released Heartstopper Season 1 on April 22, 2022, and the reviews are simply amazing!!! This delightful show has certainly warmed our hearts. Heartstopper is a beautiful love story Adapted by the writer Alice Oseman from the graphic novel series called Heartstopper. It is a story about two British teenagers called Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson who meet each other at an all-boys grammar school.

The characters are all weaved in a very interesting manner. Charlie spring and his friends – Isaac, Tao, and the former Elle are a sweet group of people who stand as “borderline outcasts” As Tao says. Charlie spring also has a secret boyfriend called Ben who meets him at the library and breaks secretly but ignores him and in fact, behaves very rudely towards him in the presence of other people.

Charlie seems to be slowly developing feelings for Nick, a star rugby player with who he shares the bench in one of his classes and who is completely straight to our understanding. When Ben completely dismisses Charlie and shows his new girlfriend, Charlie seems to be heartbroken when Nick steps up to support him and their friendship gradually increases in a soft, beautiful manner.

Heartstopper Season 1 Is Nick Straight?


The question that lies ahead is, Is Nick actually straight, or is he yet to discover his sexual identity? If he is, why then does he enjoy Charlie’s company so much? Will Ben realize his wrongdoing and apologize to Nick? Will he ever be able to accept him in front of everyone? Will it become too late till the time he does?

Apart from this cute love story, we have our eyes on our side characters as well, with Elle Developing feelings for Tao, it adds all the more sweetness to this high school romance.

The series is a promising young-love drama and already has us hooked. It highlights and normalizes the troubles teenagers feel today, especially enlightening the Pride/ LGBTQ community. The show also gives us a different perspective on these matters much like Euphoria, Sex Education, Atypical, and many other series that we truly enjoyed on Netflix.

It is mostly targeted at the teenage audience but could be enjoyed by anyone who loves drama, and laughter and believes in having open modern perspectives. The support and friendship that the characters show give people who relate to Charlie in the manner of being bullied and afraid and dismissed more empowerment and say that they’re not alone. It is an exciting, encouraging, and amusing series and we would definitely recommend it to you.

Enjoy the show. Stay tuned for more exciting news!






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