KGF Chapter 2: Yash Got Emotional After Huge Success of the film

KGF 2 was released in the theatres on the 14th of April, and since then, it has been selling like hotcakes. Tune in to watch the video posted by the actor.

KGF Chapter 2

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Yash starrer KGF Chapter 2 has got a huge success, and fans are waiting for Chapter 3, as some hints were given at the end of the movie. It is impossible for an actor to achieve his dreams without the love and support of his passionate fan base.

You must wonder why we are suddenly talking about this? This is because KGF Chapter 2 is getting a tremendous response from the audience. KGF 2 actor Yash is astounded to see the outpouring of love from his fans for his recent theatrical release. KGF 2 was released in the theatres on the 14th of April, and since then, it has been selling like hotcakes.

After the film’s enormous success, Yash has expressed his gratitude to his fans in a video. Citing the example of a boy, Yash said once some villagers decided to have a prayer meet in the rain. Hordes of the villagers gathered in the prayer meeting. But out of them, one guy captivated everyone’s attention as he was carrying an umbrella.

The villagers made fun of him, thinking this was his foolishness or overconfidence. But the guy there had faith in him that day. Yash compared himself with that guy; saying thank you wouldn’t be enough.

Within no time, hordes of his fans chimed into the comment section and poured out their love for the actor.
One of the fans wrote, “Blockbuster is the small word for KGF 2,”. While one fan gave his full form to the movie, “KGF: Kannada Gold Film”.

The video uploaded by Yash has clocked over 4 million views with 1.8 million likes.
In the first part, the character of Rocky Bhai left a long-lasting impression. And this time, too, Rocky Bhai has won our hearts again with his riveting performance.

Box-Office Collection of KGF Chapter 2

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The Hindi dubbed version of KGF 2 has become the fastest movie to cross the mark of Rs.250 crores. The film is raking in the moolah and has garnered over 720 crores as per the reports.

Also, for the second part of the movie, south sensation Yash has charged a whopping amount of Rs.25-27 crores, according to a report published in Mensxp. That must have cost an arm and a leg for the filmmakers.
The film also includes a star-studded cast of Raveena Tandon, Sanjay Dutt, and Srinidhi Shetty.

The 36-year-old actor’s Instagram following count is a fandom of 7.7 million followers. With this big number, the actor has become a new entrant in the list of the most followed South Indian actors on Instagram.

We agree that the craze for South Indian movies has increased over the years. However, there was a time when these same actors were criticized for their action sequences and weird dance moves. Now the pendulum has swung, south Indian pictures now receive an overwhelming response from the audience worldwide.

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