Lock Upp Kangana Ranaut Revealed She was Sexually Assaulted by a boy from her tow

Lock Upp host Kangana Ranaut on Sunday revealed how she was s*xually abused in her childhood. As a part of the task, Saisha Shinde pressed

Lock Upp host Kangana Ranaut on Sunday revealed how she was s*xually abused in her childhood. As a part of the task, Saisha Shinde pressed the buzzer. Kangana asked Saisha to convince either Anjali Arora, Amana Fallah, or Munawar.

Saisha Shinde was urged to persuade at least one contestant on the show to reveal his secret in order to save her from eviction from the show. One of the contestants, Munawar Faruqui opened up about how he was s*xually abused when he was six or seven years old. Munawar told that he was six years old when he was first s*xually assaulted.

It went on until he turned eleven. They were his relatives, a close family. It continued for 4-5 years. He was too young to understand at such an age. Once it got extreme, then he realized that it should be stopped.

Furthermore, he didn’t share it with anyone. He feared that if he tells this to his father, he will scold him a lot. Perhaps his father  will feel the same way as he did. So, he realized that this thing should not come in open.

Lock Upp host Kangana Ranaut shared the same incident?


Kangana Ranaut is playing the role of a host. Contestants have to reveal the truth of their lives to save them from eviction from the show. Karan Kundra is playing the role of  a jailer. After Munawar, Kangana opened up about her experience as well. She revealed that she was s*xually assaulted by a boy who lived in the same town as her.

The boy used to touch her inappropriately. She added that she didn’t know the meaning of it at that time.

Kangana told that all kids have to go through it,, no matter how protective your family is. She told that the boy was only three to four years older than her. He was probably exploring his s*xuality. Kangana told that s*xual assault/exploitation is very common in the society.

It is crucial to teach children the difference between good and bad touch. This education should be taught to them at an early age. Such incidents left them traumatized for the rest of their lives. This left everyone emotional on the show.


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