Sunny Leone when she returns to the Salman Khan show for season 16 of Bigg Boss,

It appears that the weekend ka vaar for Bigg Boss 16 will take place on Saturday and Sunday. Sunny Leone will be on the programme this time along with Salman Khan. Who will be at the Bigg Boss 16 Weekend Ka Vaar can be seen here:

Sunny Leone when she returns to the Salman Khan: In this Shukravaar Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 16, fascinating guests will be featured. This weekend’s Weekend Ka Vaar will feature not one, not two, but four celebrity guests in addition to Salman Khan.

You did read that correctly. Sunny Leone, the Baby Doll, will be on stage with Salman first. You did read that correctly. Sunny Leone has returned to Bigg Boss 16 frequently after competing. We will witness three more visitors during the Weekend Ka Vaar in amongst all the drama within Bigg Boss 16’s home.

THIS actor will join Sunny Leone on Bigg Boss 16

Well, there have been rumors about Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani hosting the forthcoming Splitsvilla season for a very long time. Arjun will join Sunny Leone in promoting the show in addition to the same. Splitsvilla has generated a lot of buzzes already. Sunny and Arjun will join Salman Khan.

The cast of Bhediya will attend Bigg Boss 16 Weekend Ka Vaar.

Along with Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani, Salman Khan will also be joined by Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon. On Bigg Boss 16, Kriti and Varun plan to promote their movie Bhediya.

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Bigg Boss 16 Shukravaar Ka Vaar’s shoot was scheduled for today, but sources say it will now take place tomorrow. Salman Khan will work on the shoot with Arjun Bijlani-Sunny Leone, Kriti Sanon, and Varun Dhawan.

The housemates rated Abdu Rozik’s captaincy in the latest Bigg Boss 16 show. According to Bigg Boss, Abdu might remain the captain, as he didn’t give him a reason to fire him. Later on, nevertheless, a task was carried out in which Priyanka took the supervisory role. The job required the housemates to choose whether to keep Abdu as captain or remove him.

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