Archana gets booted from Bigg Boss, and Abdu loses his captaincy.

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is the presenter of the sixteenth season of Bigg Boss. This week's nominees include Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, Gori Nagori, and Sumbul Touqeer Khan.

Bigg Boss season 16

Day 40 in the Bigg Boss house has drastically changed the situation. The assignment from yesterday is continued at the beginning of the episode. Priyanka selects Gautam and Sajid to be the miners in the final round.

Shiv and Archana continue to make fun of the task’s developments. As the sanchaalak, Priyanka makes her choice after the task is complete. She tells Bigg Boss that “Change Abdu” contains additional gold.

Abdu loses his captaincy.

Bigg Boss urges Priyanka to rethink her choice in light of a few alterations she made. When Priyanka is adamant about her choice, Abdu is demoted from the captain.

Shiv informs Priyanka that she has demonstrated to the audience how unfair she is during an argument with Priyanka, Ankit, and Shiv. Later, while speaking to Shiv in the kitchen, Archana requests that they refrain from discussing her party or Didi.

Being stripped of his captaincy upsets Abdu. Nimrit believes Abdu has a crush on her, and she wants Sajid to talk to him about it so she won’t give him false hope. Sajid informs Nimrit that Abdu is aware of this information.

A quarrel over tissue paper and sugar break out between Tina and Archana. Following a physical altercation between Archana and Shiv, Shalin, Nimrit, and MC Stan demand that she be kicked out of the house.

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Shahin threatens to leave the house if Bigg Boss doesn’t kick her out. Archana sobs while speaking with Priyanka and tries to justify her actions. Shiv refuses to speak with her, so Priyanka encourages Archana not to go and apologise to him.

Sumbul and Archana got into a furious quarrel as well. Bigg Boss invites Shiv into the confessional. He is asked if he wants to kick Archana out of the house or if he wants to let the audience decide.

Archana gets booted from Bigg Boss

Shiv thinks Archana ought to be kicked out as punishment for her misdeeds. Bigg Boss later calls Archana to the living room so she can say whatever she wants to him one more time.

To no avail, Archana tries to make it clear that she didn’t mean to hurt him. Archana is kicked out of the house by Bigg Boss after she engages in violent behaviour that is against the show’s rules.

Archana begs Bigg Boss for another while sobbing. After a brief interval, Archana goes outside.

Priyanka sobs in front of Ankit because of the incident. The job given to candidates by Bigg Boss is amusing. As the episode closes, Tina and Soundarya argue about who should do what in the kitchen.

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