Salman Khan pranks Priyanka with eviction, Ankit apologises, and Gori gets evicted.

Salman Khan tricked Priyanka Chahar Choudhary into thinking that she was kicked from Bigg Boss 16 Weekend Ka Vaar to teach her and Ankit Gupta a lesson.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan played a practical joke on Priyanka Chahar Choudhary by evicting her on Bigg Boss 16’s Weekend Ka Vaar. Everyone was shocked when the Bigg Boss 16 host revealed that Priyanka had been fired on Saturday.

After a little while, he explained that Gori Nagori, not Priyanka, would be kicked out this weekend.

Salman had instructed Priyanka and Ankit to play their own games on Friday. He compelled him to participate in his game and asked Priyanka to stop shielding Ankit.

Salman deceived Priyanka and Ankit into thinking she had been eliminated to teach them a lesson. Salman instructed Priyanka to say her goodbyes and proceed to the exit door.

Between wanting to continue the game and wanting to accept her fate, Priyanka struggled. She was emotionally and mentally preparing to leave the competition, but the other Bigg Boss 16 competitors didn’t accept that she was going.

Salman Khan pranks Priyanka with eviction.

They believed Salman was playing a joke on them. Ankit tried to process the abrupt turn of events while he remained there motionless. When an emotional Ankit apologised to her, she moved to the exit door and waited for it to open. He believed that she was avoiding him as a result.

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Later, Salman revealed that she was secure and asked Gori to depart, capping off his joke. He hoped that Priyanka and Ankit would now engage in their own sports.

Priyanka informed Ankit that she would no longer play for both of them after the emotional experience and would instead concentrate on her game.

She also discussed how the crowd viewed each performer individually and expressed her heartbreak at how she was seen. Now she’s opted to concentrate on her own game.

Gori, the Shakira of Haryana, received a playful farewell from Salman, who also wished her luck for her stage comeback.

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